How Can You Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained?

How Can You Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained?

How Can You Keep Your Indoor Cat Entertained?

With so many people currently working from home, the story of having your animals distracting you is all too real. And cat owners are the ones falling victim the most as their little fluff balls insist on sleeping on keyboards, attacking the on-screen cursor and smacking the blanket you have draped around you. So how can you keep your cat entertained now and all the time?

1. Invest in electronic interactive toys

Battery operated cat toys can keep your cat busy for hours. Whether it be a little motorized mouse that goes all over the place or a feather on the end of a string that just spins in circles. You don't have to do anything except turn it on (and pray the battery doesn't run out).

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2. Try out prey drive feeding

This is simple. You basically just put your cat's food in feeder toys and then hide them around the house. It keeps your cat busy and also works if you have a fast eater (no one likes cleaning kitty barf)! This allows them to also release a little bit of their inner wild cat.

3. Make DIY cat toys

Maybe you have an extra bag of catnip lying around and fabric. Well, simply sew a little pocket up and stuff it with catnip and BOOM best cat toy ever. But maybe that's a little much. Other DIY toys are much simpler. For example, give a cat a toilet paper roll and they can be entertained for hours. Here's a list of 20 easy DIY cat toys for you to try out!

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4. Build a cardboard castle

Give your cat the castle they deserve (or at least that they act like they deserve). Scrounge up some old boxes, a box cutter, hot glue gun, and any decorative elements. Put on your thinking cap and you an whip out something as extravagant as you want. Two-story house? Castle with a draw bridge? The possibilities are endless! Here's an easy step by step tutorial from The Honest Kitchen on a two-story castle.

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5. Let them watch TV

Who doesn't like watching TV when they're bored? Did you know that Youtube has channels dedicated to videos for cats?! You can even turn on Animal Planet! Just beware....they might try attacking the TV if they spot a bird!

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6. Get them a friend

Ok, this is a bit more of a commitment but maybe your kitty needs a feline friend to play with! Don't want the entire commitment? Maybe consider fostering for a local shelter or rescue!

 7. Mini Metro Balls®

Did you know Mini Metro Balls® are for cats too?! Just spray some catnip if they need some encouragement and roll it across the floor for endless entertainment! 


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