About Our Pack

Do you find yourself shopping for pet supplies and realizing that everything out there is CRAP? Well, so did we. Back in 2008, our founders were shopping for poop bags and realized that all the options available were boring and adding more plastic to our already suffering planet. We decided to do something about it and created Metro Paws.

We are animal lovers, earth advocates, and pet parents. We were inspired by our love for our pups and the desire for eco-chic products. We believe in creating designer, environmentally-friendly essentials that you and your pets will love. OUR DESIGNS DON’T STINK!

In the years since our brand’s creation, we’ve evolved to help pet parents better their lives and the health of our planet. Our innovative Poopy Packs are some of the most degradable available. Our Poopcase is the ONLY USA-made compostable bag dispenser on the market. We’ve expanded our line to fulfill your grooming, cat, and play needs. As your needs change, so will Metro Paws. And as we discover better solutions for helping Mother Nature, you’ll see us update our product line to reflect those developments. You can count on us for high-end sustainable pet products. DOG IS LIFE®

When we say “Dog Is Life,” we mean it. With our Love and Licks Foundation, we’ve donated to countless shelters and rescues across the country. Our aim is to help as many pets as we can. Because when it comes to saving pets, the choice is black and white.

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