Quarantined? Activities To Keep Your Dogs Entertained and Active

Quarantined? Activities To Keep Your Dogs Entertained and Active

Quarantined? Activities To Keep Your Dogs Entertained and Active

It's not fun being stuck at home when it's not your choice. During the current Covid-19 quarantine that is happening worldwide, we are all forced to be home. Not only are YOU bored but no more trips to the pet store, dog park and daycare for your furry BFF. Boredom often equals destruction and orneriness. Beat boredom for your pets with these fun ideas!


Challenge them to search and sniff

It's simple! Just hide treats or their favorite toys around the house and challenge your pups to sniff out and find them! Their reward? The treat that they find! It's a great way to keep them busy and work their mind.


Create treat puzzles

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It's easy to make your own interactive puzzles for your dogs or you can buy one from brands like Outward Hound. You can make your own using simple things around the house like water bottles, cardboard boxes, muffin tins, etc. Here's a list of easy DIY treat puzzles by K9 of Mine.


Doggie obstacle course The more space you have, the more fun that this can be! Set up a mini obstacle course using everyday items. Have them jump over ottomans, crawl under a chair, weave through toys, etc. Use your imagination and be sure to reward and praise for every obstacle they successfully conquer!


Teach new tricks

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Even old dogs can learn new tricks! Depending on your dog's ability to learn, you might be able to whip out some new tricks in no time. If they already have a full roster of tricks under their belt, switch it up and find some unique tricks to learn like picking up their own toys, fetching you a water bottle from the fridge or maybe even a little dance routine! Here's a list of unique tricks even those who are new to dog training can teach!

Stair fetch

If you have stairs in your home, this makes for an easy way to wear your dogs out. Just take a Metro Ball® or their favorite toy and throw it up the stairs, let them run up and bring it back down and then repeat! It's an easy way to make them tired with little effort.


Stuff it

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Stuff your favorite stuffable dog food dispenser (like Kong or SodaPup) with treats and peanut butter, then freeze it. This is guaranteed to keep your dog busy for hours as they try to get that frozen creaminess out! Here's a list of ideas of what to stuff in your dispenser.


Play hide and seek

This is a little easier if you have a partner to keep your dog busy or in place while you go hide. Simply go find a sneaky place to hide like a closet then once you're ready, call your dog and let them sniff you out! Reward them with a treat when they find you!


Refresh basic obedience

We can all take time to freshen up old skills. Work on getting your dogs to whip out their basic obedience training like sit, down, shake, stay, etc. This is helpful if these aren't commands that are given daily. Take this time at home to make sure that those tricks are still in their brains!


Bake some dog treats


Ok, this is more to keep YOU busy but pretty sure the dogs won't complain, especially if you sneak them some goodies during the baking process. Here are 25 easy treats with five ingredients or less from Puppy Leaks.


Whatever you choose to do, it's important to keep your pup's mental and physical stimulation going while you're stuck at home! Remember to make the best of it and have fun!



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