Tips For Adopting A Pet During Quarantine

Tips For Adopting A Pet During Quarantine

Tips For Adopting A Pet During Quarantine

Animal adoptions are up nationwide as those stuck at home are looking for companions to keep them company for now and for the future. 43.5% of shelters said that they are experiencing a demand for adoptions during quarantine in a recent survey and some shelters are even running out of animals! Are you thinking about bringing in a new furry friend during quarantine? 



First, think to yourself, is this really the BEST time? You may have time now but will you continue to have time for a pet once the world opens back up and life returns to normal? If you said, yes, then perfect! Go ahead and adopt a pet! If you said no, then consider fostering during this time instead. But if you are adopting, here are some tips for adopting during the quarantine.


1. Be prepared for a different kind of adoption process. With a halt on home visits and multiple in-person meet and greets, you might have to take some extra steps before bringing your new friend home. Some rescues are doing virtual meet and greets and allowing you to show your home via video. Then one final in-person meeting is done between you, the dog and any other family members/pets to ensure compatibility.


2. Start a routine as soon as possible and stick to it. Once you go back to work, your new pet will be confused as to why you are all of a sudden gone all the time. They need structure in their lives so keep up with regular feeding times and walks.


3. “Create a cozy, inviting place for your dog to nap away from all the activity of remote work and school. You can put on some soothing music or radio,” says Kelly DiCicco, manager of adoption promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center Also, for now, leave your home and take a stroll outside without withoutyour dog occasionally, in order to practice leaving the house for short durations. While you’re out, leave your dog a chew or their meal in a puzzle toy to keep them busy and occupied during your absence.”


4. Take the time to work on training and obedience so when you go back to your normal schedule, it'll be one less thing to worry about. You want to be sure that your new dog can be trusted to be alone so be sure to teach them things like not getting into the trash, etc.


5. Make sure you're stocked up on essential supplies. No need to go to the store! Get some of your essentials right at! Get stocked up on Poopy Packs® for walks, Metro Balls® for playtime, and Metro Wipes® for at-home grooming!

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