Why Do Dogs Get Zoomies?

Why Do Dogs Get Zoomies?

Why Do Dogs Get Zoomies?

Almost all our dogs do it. They get these giant bursts of energy and start running around the house or outside like they've just been stung on the butt by a bee. This behavior has been appropriately nicknamed "zoomies" but the formal name is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPS).

Sometimes, they seem to come out of absolutely nowhere and others, something like the dog walker showing up or a play session could "activate" the zoomies. But why do they do zoomies?

While zoomies can happen in dogs of any age, they are more prevalent in puppies and young dogs. It's essentially a way for them to release any pent up energy. But it could also happen in stressful situations or when they are confused. What causes zoomies in our dogs could even vary from dog to dog. Some even get zoomies after bath time or after a good poop! You might think your dog is just crazy! The most common reasons for zoomies are bathes, play time and late at night energy.

Zoomies is a completely normal thing for dogs to do but depending on the environment or situation, you might want to control it. Try to keep zoomies outdoors on grass or indoors on carpet. Try to avoid hardwood floors or slick surfaces as that can cause them to injury themselves or damage something. Keep a zooming dog away from elderly and small children who can be easily knocked over or move those people out of the way. 

If you're concurred that your dog has too much pent up energy, try some enrichment games to wear them out mentally. Before bed time, take them out for a long walk but don't forget your Poopcase®!

Do your dogs get the zoomies? When do they get them the most? Drop a comment and let us know! 




  • My female loves to run and loves to have her big brother chase her and then they change and she chases him. She gets so upset when he won’t run. I try to run with them so he will. Just energy.

    DeeJ on

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