Spring Essentials Your Pet Needs

Spring Essentials Your Pet Needs

Spring Essentials Your Pet Needs

While we love walking in a winter wonderland with our pups, we much prefer our spring strolls. Fresh snow is pretty but MAN IS IT COLD! We can only endure being outside for a limited amount of time before we (humans and pets) need to get inside. Spring is the perfect season for us: the sun sets at a later time and the weather isn't hot or sticky like it is in summer. When it rains or snows, it is difficult for us to get our pups outside. But when spring arrives, they want to stay outdoors all day long.

Longer days in comfortable weather = longer walks with our pups. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen on a walk? You run out of poop bags. With our plant-based Poopcase you'll always have bags in hand, and you can get one in your favorite spring color like Lime, Pink, Seafoam, and Yellow. What's more, the Poopcase will last you for years and you can compost it when you don't need it anymore.

Small brown Chihuahua dog walking with Poopcase and Poopy Packs

When you need more poop bags for your walks, look no further than our Poopy Packs. With five different color options available, these bright waste bags make picking up after your pup a little more enjoyable. Earning a rating of ASTM 5511, they are ULTRA biodegradable, meaning they'll degrade up to 25% within one month whether they make it to a landfill or not. Get this: the fur-baby on the Poopy Packs box is designed to look like Mitzy our American Bulldog.

Light brown mini doodle with orange and seafoam Metro Balls, pet-safe tennis balls

Do your pups like to play? We've designed the pawfect toy for your pet: Metro Balls. These tennis balls were made with your pet in mind. They feature cotton yarn and natural rubber WITHOUT the gross petrochemicals that are in made-for-human tennis balls. Metro Balls are the ultimutt pet-safe toys. They're available in both standard and mini sizes. And we recently added Metro Pawty Balls to our line, the same tennis balls you've come to love with a fun sprinkles design. Fun fact: the pup on the packaging is a modeled after our late English Lab named Stone who inspired our entire company.

English Labrador dog with muddy snout and paws

Yes, it will still rain in spring. (The phrase "April showers bring May flowers" holds truth.) And rain means puddles. If your pup is a fan of water, they will inevitably find their way to the largest puddles around and get their paws extremely muddy. When that happens, you can count on Metro Wipes to clean their paws, snouts, tushies, etc. They are the largest, thickest, and most durable grooming wipes available and come in Natural Unscented and a refreshing Charcoal Peppermint variety. Plus, you'll love that these wipes are alcohol-free, paraben-free, and NOT tested on animals. They're actually so gentle, we'll use them on our hands and faces too!

We cannot wait to take advantage of the many beautiful days that spring has to offer with our pups! What are you looking forward to most this season?

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