Presidential Pets in the White House

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Presidential Pets in the White House

September 23 celebrates dogs in politics aka presidential pups. Throughout the years, presidents have owned numerous dogs (and other pets) that have resided in the White House. Dogs in Politics Day came about after a speech given by Richard Nixon in 1952 which was dubbed the “Checkers Speech”. The speech was an effort to refute charges about abusing campaign funds by touching the public’s heart with his children and dog, Checkers.

The First Dog of the United States has long held an important role in the White House of being the goodest boy (and girl). Almost every president that’s held the office of POTUS has had dogs and other pets! Some pets included exotic animals that were often gifted by foreign dignitaries and later donated to zoos. Here are some interesting facts about those animals.

1. George Washington, the first President of the United States, had several dogs and other pets! Dogs included American Foxhounds, Black and Tan Coonhounds, and a Greyhound.


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