Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is a day filled with frights and excitement. People around the world dress up in their favorite costumes, eat loads of candy, and watch movies that make us jump. While this time is fun for us, the same can't be said for our four-legged friends. Here are some tips to help keep your pet safe this Halloween.

Stash your candy. We humans like to indulge in our favorite sweet treats, however, these can be toxic to pets. Chocolate and the sugar substitute xylitol can be dangerous for cats and dogs. In addition, foil, cellophane, and plastic candy wrappers can also be hazardous if ingested. Make sure children don't share their candy with your pets. If you want to give your pup something delicious, try making these paw-fect treats.

Your spooky season decorations can be dangerous for pets. Candles can easily be knocked over and electrical wires may be chewed. Pumpkins and corn can cause stomach discomfort if eaten, and glow sticks can be poisonous. Fake webs and items made of rubber can cause choking.

Don't force your pets to wear costumes if they're uncomfortable. This can cause them more stress. Make sure costumes don't limit your pet's movement or ability to breathe, hear, or see. Check for pieces that may present a choking hazard. If you need a last-minute outfit for your pet, check out these easy DIY costumes.

Snoop Dogg Pup

Consider skipping the Halloween festivities. Crowds and noises might be too much for your fur-baby to handle. If you're hosting a get-together, create a safe space for your pet. Do not take your dog trick-or-treating as they can become excited and uncontrollable, or bite when scared. Make sure your pet has proper identification. If you have trick-or-treaters or house guests, the opening of your door may tempt them to run out.

Halloween can be a stressful time for pets, but by taking the above steps, we can make them more comfortable. And let's remember that no matter what time of year, we should treat our pets with kindness and do what we can to make them happy.

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