Easy DIY Dog Costumes

Easy DIY Dog Costumes

Easy DIY Dog Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, we love showing off our pups in cute costumes. Dressing ourselves up is nice and all, but dressing up our dogs is EXTRA cute! There's just something about them that brightens our days. If you prefer to hone those crafting skills, check out these easy DIY costumes.

Beanie Baby

beanie baby dog photo
Photo Credit: Brit+Co

For a bit of nostalgia---and possibly the EASIEST costume on this list---turn your pet into a Beanie Baby.


dog as grandma costume
Photo Credit: @maya_on_the_move

All you need to turn your pup into a grandma is a scarf to wrap around their head and fake glasses.


Pit Bull in Dinosaur CostumePhoto Credit: Two Pitties in the City

If you already have a hoodie for your pup, then easily transform it into a dinosaur costume with the use of felt.


dog in ewok costume
Photo Credit: Tikkido

Take your dog to a galaxy far far away with this 5-minute costume.

Business Person

Dog in Business Man Costume
Photo Credit: HGTV

Whether you're inspiration is Jim Halpert from "Office Space" or Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho", this costume takes what you already have and reuses it.


Dog in Martini Costume
Photo Credit: Costume Works

If your pup wears a cone, turn it into a puptini. Only question now is: shaken or stirred?

For our last tip, repurpose your human child's old costumes. If you or a loved one has a kid who has outgrown their outfits, cut a few holes for legs and tails and use them for your pup! 

However you decide to dress your pup this year, we hope you all have a yappy Howl-o-ween!

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