Different Ways Cats Show Affection

Different Ways Cats Show Affection

Different Ways Cats Show Affection

If you're a cat parent or have ever been around a cat, you'll know that they're mysterious creatures. Unlike dogs, they don't jump on you and lick your face constantly to show they appreciate you. You may begin to question whether a cat truly likes you or not, and some believe that cats, in general, are more detached than dogs. We humans don't show affection in the same way so why should we expect our pets to? Your cat's weird behavior could be their way of saying "I love you". Here are some ways they might show you their affection.

Cat being pet with a human hand
Licking - Studies have suggested that cats see us as family members. If they lick or groom you, take this as a sign that they see you as part of their clowder. Licking can also be a sign that they want your attention or that they're calm around you.

Nibbling - Nibbling and biting are playful behaviors. They might also bite your hand when you're petting them to let you know that they enjoy it.

Gifts - Receiving a prey that a cat caught is like getting a bouquet of roses. Cats are hunters and this shows they want to share with you.

Tails - If a cat's tail is straight with a slight curve, then this signals they are fond of you. If they wrap their tail around you, then this shows the friendship and trust your cat feels.

Eye Contact - If your cat is staring and slowly blinking they feel love and safety, and have accepted you as family.

Sleeping on You - This is an easy way to tell that a cat feels comfortable around you. As uncomfortable as it may be for humans, just savor the moment when it's presented.

Meowing - Though it may be hard to understand your cat, it means they want to talk to you and enjoy your company.

Kneading - Cats knead you to show that they need you, and this action reminds them of when they were happy kittens.

Head-Butts - Cats head-butt to mark their territory with their scent, meaning they are letting the rest of the cat world know that you are taken. Cats also have these scent glands in their paws and may caress you to mark their territory.

Belly Showing - Cats will only expose their bellies to people they trust. We should warn you: do NOT take this as a sign to pet them.

Rear Ends - If a cat presents their behind, think of this as going in for a friendly handshake.

Urinating - If your cat pees on something, it is another way of marking its territory. If they pee while you're away, it's a sign that they miss you and hope you come back.

Being Around - Just as humans like to care for each other when ill, cats do the same. They can sense when you're sick or sad and will stay close to you when they love you.

Now that you've read ways that cats show their affection, this might change the way you look at them. What you see as aggressive behavior could simply be an act of love. Remember this the next time a cat engages with you.

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