Metro Bliss® Nip

$ 7.50

Our Metro Bliss® organic Silvervine nip was sourced from the mountains of Asia to bring a state of euphoria to your cat.

Each vial of Metro Bliss Nip® contains .4 oz of loose organic Silvervine nip to offer blissful play, provide a calming aid, and encourage positive training. Our nip has been cat-tested and cat-approved, even earning two paws up from kitties who typically do not respond to catnip.

According to studies, more cats engage with Silvervine than they do to Catnip. Read more about the benefits of Silvervine on our blog.

Customer Reviews

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Cerie Goldenberg

Our 4 cats love !! I cannot find it in any pet shops in Philadelphia .

Tested & Approved

Another catnip, really?... Nope!
This dank is Crumbs Teenie tested and her owner approved.
Crumbs Teenie is my fussy little wingnut calico whose interest in most catnip fades as quickly as a Hawaiian sunset. I'm stoked to find a catnip that strikes her fancy for more than a mere few days and MetroBliss Silvervine Catnip is the WINNER!
Whether you go for the shake or the stix, your cat is going to flip their wig and your cat's day is incomplete without the flip, toss, bat and lick of some MetroBliss.