The Benefits Of Catnip

The Benefits Of Catnip

The Benefits Of Catnip

When you think of catnip, you might picture cats going crazy: rolling around, drooling, purring, and being in an overall state of bliss. You may have asked yourself if catnip is good for your fur baby. Well, we’re here to provide some guidance on the topic.

What Is Catnip?

Catnip is a plant that has been harvested globally for centuries. It can cause a reaction in cats when smelled or ingested. Will your cat respond to catnip? About 67% of cats react to regular catnip, and you won’t be able to test if your kitty will respond until they’re at least three to six months old.

However, among kitties we’ve tested for our Metro Bliss products, we saw a great response in cats, even those who don’t typically respond. Why? We use organic Silvervine catnip sourced from mountains in Asia in both our Metro Bliss Nip and Metro Bliss Stix. Native to China and Japan, Silvervine is a member of the kiwi family and proven to be more effective for cats. While basic catnip has one attractant, Silvervine has two (actinidine and dihydroactinidiolide). In a 2017 study, nearly 80% of domestic cats responded to Silvervine and played with Silvervine products longer.

White and grey cat playing with Mini Metro Ball (tennis ball) sprinkled with organic silvervine catnip
What Are The Benefits of Silvervine?

Improve Health. When cats ingest a small amount of Silvervine, it can help with arthritis, nausea, high blood pressure, and feline tract disease.

Promote Dental Health. Cats can chew our Silvervine Metro Bliss Stix to help remove plaque and tartar. Make sure to monitor your cat as broken pieces present a choking hazard.

Encourage Positive Play. Sprinkle Metro Bliss Nip onto toys and cats will be energized and stimulated to play. Physical exercise is always a positive when it comes to health. Plus, when cats calm down from playing, they are more relaxed and might want to cuddle.

Assist With Training. You can use Metro Bliss Nip to help make toys and beds more enticing, and carriers less scary. You can also use it as a treat after veterinary appointments or other difficult situations as positive reinforcement.

Act As A Calming or Sleep Aid. When cats are exposed to Silvervine, it can have a sedative effect.

Alleviate Boredom. When your cat is bored or craves your attention, they might destroy your furniture or other items. Sprinkle Metro Bliss Nip on their scratching posts and this will lure your cat to play with the post instead of your valuables.

If you’re worried about the effect Silvervine will have on your cat, speak with your veterinarian first. However, Silvervine is as safe and natural as catnip, and non-toxic and non-addictive. Are you ready to start seeing the difference it makes in your cat? Purchase our Metro Bliss Nip and Metro Bliss Stix today (also available for subscription service)!

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