Why You Should Shop at Independent Pet Retailers

Why You Should Shop at Independent Pet Retailers

Why You Should Shop at Independent Pet Retailers

At Metro Paws®, we only support independently owned pet supply stores (i.e we don't support stores like Petsmart and Petco). These stores support local economies and are run by those who truly care about your pets. So why exactly should you choose local, independently owned pet stores over big box? 


1. More unique options

Often when supporting local pet stores, you're not just supporting their business but you're supporting many of the companies that produce the products in that store. Many of which are small businesses as well, like us! Plus you're going to find options that aren't in big box stores such as handmade bandanas and locally made treats! For example, you won't find Metro Paws® in any of those big box stores! And this is by choice as we want to continue supporting small businesses.


2. They really care about you and your pets!

Most of the time, these local, independent pet stores have the actual owners working on the floor who will often have education in pet nutrition. Plus, their employees are handpicked for their knowledge and experience. All of them care about your pets and want what's best for them! They aren't just pushing what corporate tells them to push but they will provide real knowledge on the best products available.


3. You're supporting your local economy

For every $100 spent in locally owned independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures compared to only $43 back into the economy from big box stores. You're also not supporting a CEO who already makes millions of dollars a year!


4. The stores give back

Many independent pet stores will host adoption events for local rescues along with sponsoring local events. They want to give back to their pet community in every way they can!


Remember, you can only find Metro Paws® products in independently owned stores! We love all our stores and will continue to always support them! Want to know if your local store carries our products? Contact us or reach out to the store to find out!

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