Why Do Some Dogs LOVE Heat and Sun?

Why Do Some Dogs LOVE Heat and Sun?

Why Do Some Dogs LOVE Heat and Sun?

As the temperatures have been soaring nationwide, those of us with dogs have been at a crossroads. For the most part, we try to keep our canine friends cool by taking them outside as little as possible. This usually entails quick potty breaks in the early morning and once the sun has gone down. But have you ever noticed how some dogs seem to crave the heat? No matter what you do to keep them inside in the A/C, they insist on splooting out on the hot cement.

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But WHY?! This is something so many people ponder as their pup is sitting in 100-degree weather and we’re dying in front of our fan sipping a lemonade. It’s so perplexing. But there IS a reason!


For the most part, people love sunbathing whether it’s at the beach or in your own backyard next to the pool. We soak in the sun and the Vitamin D. Just like it feels good to us, it feels great to them also. The extra warmth that they get helps regulate their overall body temperature, too. It does feel great, but it’s the health benefits that are the most beneficial to them.

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First off, Vitamin D is as great for them as it is for us. It’s technically more of a hormone and when we lack it, it can cause depression. But pooches can’t absorb the calcium they need without it. Vitamin D is created through direct sunlight but don't fret if you live in a cloudy town as it can be received through their diet, too!


The sun also produces serotonin aka it makes everyone happier! There’s a significant change in mood as they feel automatically happier. Think of it as a natural antidepressant.

Photo Credit: Metro Paws®

And one thing we don’t really need to tell you is that the sun warms the body because, well, it's hot! The warmth can help them avoid common diseases that go around during the winter season. On top of that, the warmth from the sun relieves pain and helps avoid the suffering from rheumatism. 

No matter the reason your pooch likes the sun, be sure to regulate how much they take in as to not cause heat stroke or dehydration. Give them plenty of water and bring them back inside when it’s the time!


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