Scoop That Poop: The Importance of Picking Up After Your Dog

Scoop That Poop: The Importance of Picking Up After Your Dog

Scoop That Poop: The Importance of Picking Up After Your Dog

When we adopt our pups, we know that being a dog parent involves going on walks for their health, feeding them a nutritious diet, the occasional bath/groomer’s appointment to keep them clean, and picking up after them. While scooping the poop isn’t the most fun part of being a pet parent, it is just as important that we do it. If we don’t, it can negatively impact our pets, ourselves, and our planet.

Your Lawn Will Thank You

Pooping is a natural part of life. Animals poop in the woods, fields, etc so we should leave our dogs’ waste where it is, right? WRONG! Dog waste is high in nitrogen, phosphorous, and acid, making it toxic for grass. Plus, it can take up to 12 months for waste to fully break down, and in that time it can impact your health (keep reading for more information on that).

Prevent Bacteria From Spreading

Dog waste poses potential health risks to the community. It can contain harmful bacteria and parasites that are harmful to humans and animals. Even if you don’t touch the waste, it can still affect you when pets come into contact with it. Additionally, dog waste can contaminate water and soil, and the parasites and bacteria can live in soil for years. Think of all the people/animals who come into contact with grass! Some of the bacteria and diseases that can be in dog waste are: Salmonella, E. coli, Parvo, Giardia, and Roundworms.

Consider The Environment

Believe it or not, dog waste can negatively impact the environment. We mentioned earlier that dog waste can affect the soil, but it can also affect the water. When left unattended, dog waste can get washed into lakes, rivers, etc. Dog poop can increase the growth of algae and weeds in the water, making it unsuitable for fish to live and for humans (and their pets) to enjoy on hot days. Imagine swimming water filled with dog poop!

Be A Good Neighbor. Pick Up After Your Dog.

Common Courtesy

No one wants to accidentally step in dog poop, and it’s not something we should have to think about when we leave our homes or visit public spaces. It can be hard to clean up from shoes. Plus, the waste will stink up the surrounding area. By picking up after your dog, you show your neighbors you respect them and also help show pet parents in a positive light.

Legally, You Have To

Many municipalities have regulations in place that require dog owners to clean up after their pets. Additionally, many neighborhoods have homeowners associations with rules. Failure to do so can result in fines or other penalties.

Learn About Your Dog's Health

As pet parents, it is our responsibility to ensure our pets’ health. We can be proactive by looking at their waste, which can show us about their digestive health. Regularly cleaning up after your dog ensures that you're aware of any changes in their waste that might indicate underlying health issues.

As you can see, picking up your dog’s poop is about more than keeping your neighborhood from stinking, it’s also about respecting the community and world at large. How can you be prepared for when your dog has to go? Attach The Poopcase to your leash and make sure you always have biodegradable Poopy Packs on hand. For those of you with bigger pups, check out our Poopy Packs XL, which conveniently dispense from the top of the box. It's easy to be a responsible pet parent with Metro Paws.

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