How Can You Help Homeless Animals?

How Can You Help Homeless Animals?

How Can You Help Homeless Animals?

With International Homeless Animals Day on August 17th, it's the pawfect time to reflect on why you should help homeless animals and what you can do to help them.


The first Homeless Animals’ Day and Candlelight Vigils were a beginning. ISAR is solemnly dedicated to keeping the issue of dog and cat overpopulation before the public until victory is achieved and humane societies can return to their purpose of preventing suffering instead of being exhausted by ceaseless killing.~ Helen Jones, ISAR Founder, 8/15/92


With about 1 in every 10 dogs being born into homelessness, the problem just continues to grow worldwide as the cycle is neverending. When left on the streets, they are forced to fend for themselves but can often succumb to diseases, getting hit by cars, and even attack by other animals. So how can you help the homeless animal population?


1. Utililze social media

Social media is so powerful for spreading awareness for all sorts of causes. Just by sharing posts from shelters and rescues can greatly spread the word on adoptable animals.


2. Volunteer at your shelter or rescue

City shelters and private rescues are almost always in need of volunteers. Whether you volunteer in an administrative role (such as social media, website management, reading applications, etc) or working directly with animals (walking shelter dogs, bottle feeding puppies, and kittens, giving them baths), a little help goes a long way! For those under 18, some shelters have special programs for minors to get them ready to take on more responsibility when they're older!


3. Become a foster

Not everyone can be a foster but if you can, it's such an amazing experience! You can help a dog really become a dog by letting them live in a real home setting instead of behind bars at the shelter. And by fostering, you're allowing more room to be available for more homeless animals to be rescued off the streets.


4. Be apart of spay and neuter programs

There are organizations that specifically focus on getting homeless animals spayed and neutered to stop the reproductive cycle. If you have a lot of stray cats in your neighborhood, an organization will give you a trap and once a cat is trapped, they will get their fixed and either find a home for them or release them back in their neighborhood if the cat is too feral for adoption.


5. Take part

International Homeless Animals Day is now celebrated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, in over 50 countries, and on 6 continents. Here's a list of events taking place in the U.S!



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