A Fido-Friendly Fourth of July

A Fido-Friendly Fourth of July

A Fido-Friendly Fourth of July

While humans may enjoy the Fourth of July, it's no picnic for our pets. We get to enjoy an eventful weekend with food, friends, and fireworks, but our pets may become anxious or sick from the festivities. Here are some of our tips for keeping your pets safe on Independence Day.

Make sure ID tags and microchips are updated. When fireworks start to light up the night sky, pets can be frightened by the loud noises and run away. Also, consider taking a photo just in case your pet goes missing and you need a recent picture.

If you're going to an event, leave your pet at home. The strange environment, crowds, and loud noises can worsen anxiety. Why not keep it low-key this year by staying in with your fur-baby?

Black dog lying in dog bed within a crate looking sad.

If you're going to/hosting a barbecue, remember to keep your pet away from the grill and don't leave plates or drinks unattended. We don't want them eating foods they should stay away from.

Make sure your yards are securely fenced and gates locked in the event that your pets run. If you live near the site of a fireworks show, make sure your yard is clear of debris that can be harmful to your pets before you let them out.

Keep pets cool by providing plenty of hydration, giving them access to shady spots when outdoors, and taking them indoors when necessary. Remember: pets don't cool off as quickly as humans. And NEVER leave your pet in a vehicle over the summer.

Create a calm space for your fur-baby. Give them a crate or room filled with their favorite blankets, toys, and treats. You can even turn on the TV or radio to have ambient sound fill the room and mask the sound of fireworks.

Take your pup on a nice long walk earlier in the day to tire them out and help them feel better rested in the evening.

Speak with your veterinarian if you feel these tips may not be enough for your pet; some may need medication to help ease their anxieties. Pets do so much for us, so it's only right that we ensure they feel safe.

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