Make Your Walkies Better

Make Your Walkies Better

Make Your Walkies Better

As dog parents ourselves, we know a thing or two about routine walks with our pups. National Walk Your Dog Week starts soon and we want to share why it's vital for your pups to go on walks as well as share some tips with you! Even if you have a yard for your pups to do their business, taking walks is extremely beneficial for them. Walking can keep dogs at a healthy weight, aid in a healthy digestive system, and help mental stimulation.

Black chihuahua walking with a blue braided leash, yellow Poopcase, and yellow Poopy Packs

So now that you know why it's important, here are some tips to make the most of your walks.

  • Try to walk your pup at the same times of day and to the same places. Having consistency helps keep them calm.

  • Consider the weather. Does your pup need boots for their paws? Or maybe a jacket in the cold? Be prepared for these scenarios.

  • Make sure your pup has updated identification.

  • If your dog tends to pull on their leash, use a front clip harness. In addition, avoid retractable leashes for untrained dogs.

  • Bring along treats to reinforce good behavior.

  • Don't rush your dog. Let them sniff around to help with mental stimulation.

  • Puppies can't walk as long as you may think. Start them at 20 minutes per walk and gradually increase the time.

  • Pick up after your dog. It is up to us to be responsible when our pups poop, so bring your Poopcase and Poopy Packs with you.

  • Bring water with you in case your dog gets dehydrated. This can happen even when the weather isn't warm.

  • Bring a toy like our Metro Balls so your pup can enjoy themselves.

Dogs always look forward to their outdoor time, and we do too. We hope these tips can make it better for you and them.


Pinterest graphic featuring dog walking with Poopcase and Poopy Packs

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