Metro Paws Poop Bags

$ 13.99

Why not make your pup's daily activity a little more stylish with our dog poop bags? Poopy Packs®, the founding product of Metro Paws®, is an essential part of your pup's daily routine. These degradable dog waste bags will come in handy for every walk, hike, beach day, and any outing.

  • Bags are ASTM 5511 compliant, degrading up to 25% in 30 days (see degradability tab for the science).
  • Bags will NOT degrade until AFTER you use them.
  • Every box contains 8 rolls of waste bags.
  • Each roll has 20 ULTRA degradable bags, for a total of 160 bags per package.
  • Available in 5 different colorways, with 4 unique designs per colorway.
  • Rolls fit most standard dispensers.
  • Coordinates well with The Poopcase, our USA-made waste bag dispenser.

Plastic seems to be just about everywhere, and continues to overload our landfills. On average a single use plastic bag takes more than 1,000 years to break down. So what does that mean for your daily dog walks when you don’t want to add to all that plastic? Poopy Packs are the answer, a durable and stylish bag that degrades up to 25% in just one month with an ASTM 5511 degradability rating.. Enjoy your walks and feel confident knowing your poop bag will degrade in and out of a landfill… quickly.

How does it work?

  • When Poopy Packs are disposed of in an active microbial environment like a landfill or marine area, they attract over 600 different types of microbes.
  • These microbes colonize, form a biofilm around the bag, and begin to create enzymes. 
  • When these enzymes make contact with the Poopy Pack, a catalyst is formed that assists in breaking down the plastic and enables it to completely return to nature, leaving behind only small amounts of biomass and water & NO MICROPLASTICS

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rebecca Gold
Cute quality poop bags!

Love these poop bags! The design is so cheerful, never rip and appreciate their degradability.

Susan israel
Excellent poop bags

These are by far the best poop bags I’ve used for my dog.

Lawrence Casey

Bags are easy to open

Cynthia Schick
I love these things

I first ran across MetroPaws poopy bags in some cute little dog store in LA, then at the So Cal Corgi Beach Day where they had limited edition poopy bags for "fluffy butts." OMG! So adorable. I ordered like 20 boxes. We still have some. But I like the other colors which I buy all the time also. Why have a boring old black poopy bag? Get some color! Buy these things. They're sturdy and awesome!