Smear Campaign DEMOCRAP Poolitical Bags®

$ 14.99

Our Smear Campaign DEMOCRAP Poolitical Bags are a funny way for you and your friends to pick up after your dogs. These blue degradable dog waste bags each feature a caricature of President Biden. The fun doesn't stop at the bags: the packaging features notable quips, adding to their giftability. They're truly a collector's item for politically savvy dog parents!

  • Each package comes with 4 rolls.
  • Each roll contains 20 dog poop bags.
  • ASTM 6954 classified for degradability.
  • Packaging made of recycled materials.

Our unique mix of polyblend and bio-additive allow the Poopy Packs to degrade at a controlled rate when the bags are exposed to sunlight, heat, and/or mechanical stress in the presence of oxygen. This process causes the plastic to degrade into environmentally benign products allowing for the official classification of ASTM 6954.

Customer Reviews

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Pleasure to pick up poo

These bags do the job & always make me chuckle! Feels so good even if only symbolic!!


Got the Joe smear bags & everyone *LOVES* them. It's good to have this comic relief in such poopy times.

Is this a gift?