Metro Paws Tennis Balls®

$ 12.99

Metro Balls® are the perfect colorful addition to your pet's toy box. Unlike standard tennis balls, Metro Balls® are specially designed with your pets in mind.

  • Made with natural rubber and cotton yarn.
  • They have ZERO petrochemicals, making them a better choice for pets!
  • Metro Balls® are 2.5" in diameter, comparable to made-for-human tennis balls.
  • With 6 color options available, get them in your fur-kid's favorite color!
  • Each package contains 3 color-coordinated balls with various two-color designs.
  • Dog-approved bounce!
  • Balls will NOT stain your carpets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Diana M
My Dog Loves These Tennis Balls

I gave him one to play with after receiving the order. He loves it. Even carried it with him on our walk.

Shelley Wood-Goldstein
Great dog balls

Love the colors and they last so long

Malia Duncan
Doggy Crack

When I bought our first Metro Ball home from a boutique pet store, my dog and my best friend's dog (who were used to tennis size balls) went crazy for the Metro Ball. So I ordered several boxes of various fun colors online for both dogs ....when the package arrived, my dog knew exactly what it was and begged me to finish opening the box. Wish I could post the video. He hasn't touched the tennis ball since.