• Cierra Voelkl

Why You Should Adopt a Black Cat

Black cats are often overlooked in shelters for different reasons, one of which is their tie to superstitions and myths such as the use in witchcraft and black magic.

But don't let these legends stop you from adding a black kitty to your family. In honor of the first full moon on Friday the 13th in 19 years, we're giving you some pawesome reasons to add one of these babies to your family!

1. They basically look like mini black panthers. And who doesn't want to own a black panther!

Photo Credit: Unknown

2. Black goes with EVERYTHING! Ok, this is kind of a materialistic reason but come on, wouldn't you look fabulous strutting with your black cat?!

3. Their eyes stand out even more. Whether yellow, green or orange, their eyes are sure to such you into a hypnotic state with their beautiful gaze.

Photo Credit: Devostock/Devopublicdomain

4. They have the highest euthanasia rate due to being overlooked and sitting at shelters for so long. Not to guilt you or anything but come on, don't you want to prevent this?!

Photo Credit: Michael Short, Special To The Chronicle

5. Black cats often have a stronger immune system due to their lineage not being diluted by other breeds over time.

6. There's all different types of black cats! Whether you want fluffy, some little white spots mixed in, a blue black...the possibilities are endless!

Photo Credit: Tumblr/gsfrenchshabbylife

7. England considers black cats to be good luck! Just ask Kind Charles who had his black cat guarded 24 hours a day and once the cat passed away, King Charles was arrested the next day! Now don't you want round the clock good luck?!

Now don't you want to go adopt a black cat?! Check your local shelters and you might find your new BFF!

Photo Credit: iStock/sdominick


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