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Why It's Important to Vaccinate Pets

As National Immunization Month comes to a close, we figured that it would be best to go over the reasons why pet vaccinations are so important! And yes, we also believe that over vaccinating causes all its own problems. Vaccines protect pets from a numerous amount of diseases including rabies, distemper, parvovirus, infectious hepatitis, bordetella, feline leukemia and others.

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What is a vaccine? Vaccines contain a weakened or partial version of a pathogen which then causes the body to produce antibodies that go in and destroy the diseased organisms as they enter the body before they cause the illness.

First off, all puppies need a crucial set of vaccines over a period of time as they grow to protect them from diseases. Without these, there is a high risk of puppies contracting the parvovirus which is often deadly to those with weakened immune systems. Starting puppies off with their routine set of vaccines which are given at different stages starting at 8 weeks old can ensure that they start their life off healthy.

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The anti-vexers epidemic has been starting to effect pets as those people are refusing to vaccinate their pets, which includes rabies, as they don't consider it necessity without any real scientific proof. This then results in the spread of parvovirus, rabies and other contagious diseases.

Another option to constant vaccinations are titer tests. Titer tests essentially test the level of antibodies in your pet's blood to see if they are naturally protected against certain diseases. While the majority of daycares, boarding and grooming facilities do require basic vaccinations such as bordetella, the titer test is becoming more accepted in some facilities. Titer tests can also help avoiding over vaccinating because you already know which diseases your pet's body can already fight off. But remember that rabies is always required per the law.

If the cost of vaccines is what's putting you off, there are numerous options for low cost clinics! Many organizations host low cost mobile clinics that travel to low income neighborhoods and offer both vaccines and spay/neuters. Simply google "low cost vaccine clinics" to find one near you!

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