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What are the Benefits of Dog-Friendly Offices?

For many people, it's been a dream to be able to bring their dog to work with them. Well now, since a famous 2012 study that closely looked at the impact that dogs can have on employees in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management which was conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Human-Animal Interaction. And just like you'd think, it was found that dogs in the work place have numerous benefits whether your'e in a blue or white collar position. A previous blog discussed the overall benefits of having pets but taking that the next step and having a dog at work is even better!

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A dog-friendly office isn't just great for the employees but t's amazing for the company as well in ways you wouldn't think of. First of all, it makes working for the company more desirable. If you had the choice between two companies to work for, wouldn't you choose the one with dogs?! That's what we thought. And because this is viewed as an amazing perk, companies can actually hold onto employees longer and have less turnover.

When it comes to the employees, the benefits are endless! They boost overall moral and improve moods. Have you ever met someone who isn't instantly happy when they see a dog? If you do, de-friend them immediately (JK...kinda). Dogs can turn a bad Monday into a fabulous one! They also make working later less scruciating, especially when it's your own dog in the office with you. There's no rush to get home to take them out and you still get all the cuddles!

Pets overall help build connections with other pet owners. Having dogs in the office can assist in employees being closer to each other by bonding over their dogs. There's nothing worse than hating everyone you work with. Whether it's going to lunch break walks together with your dogs or comparing groomers, there are numerous ways dogs in offices create connections.

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A HUGE benefit for everyone is that more dog friendly offices can possibly lead to more adoptions. So many people WANT a dog but they're afraid their work schedules would make it impossible since they'd rarely be home or work late and to be honest, having a dog walker every day gets expensive. If more people can bring their dogs to work, they'd be more inclined to adopt as there isn't as much stress.

A few other things a dog can teach us in the office are patience, perseverance, loyalty, acceptance, and gratitude. Here at Metro Paws, we LOVE having our dogs in the office. It makes it near impossible to ever work in an office without dogs!! If you don't have a dog-friendly office, consider bringing it up to management as to why it could be so beneficial! Check out this extremely dog friendly office belonging to Kurgo!

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Here are some more extremely dog friendly offices in America. No judging if you quit your job to work at one of these...

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