VSCO Dogs Who Are Killing This New Trend
  • Cierra Voelkl

VSCO Dogs Who Are Killing This New Trend

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

If you have been on social at all within the last couple weeks, you might have seen or heard the term "VSCO Girl". But what exactly IS that?! First off, VSCO is a photo editing and posting app that's popular among Instagram users. The term VSCO Girl came from the stereotype of those girls that use the app. A VSCO girl starter kit includes scrunchies, oversize vintage shirts, nike spandex shorts, a Hydroflask covered in stickers, crocs or Birkenstocks, a pukka shell necklace, a polaroid camera, beach waves in their hair and maybe even a jeep. VSCO Girls are known for their "effortless" look that looks like they just got out of bed.

This trend started out very questionable until the dogs of Instagram started following the trend and becoming #VSCODogs! And let's just say, we are fully behind this version of the trend! So we put together some VSCO Dogs that are absolutely killing it!

1. Back to school VSCO Dog is ready for anything

2. Big girls can be VSCO Dogs too! Just ask Daisy the mastiff!

3. This duo has their polaroid camera to take effortless photos in the middle of the street outside of their house

4. A VSCO Dog that clearly used #VSCO to edit their photo!

4. I think this pup is very concerned that this is a thing now and they are the victim of it

5. Tie dye shirt and Hydroflask are so coordinated that everyone else can go home

6. I just want to know who thought it was ok to make Crocs apart of this trend

7. Raffi is SO HAPPY to be a VSCO Dog! He loves being in on any of the newest trends!

8. sksksksk and i oop i dropped my hydroflask #savetheturtles

9. And the ULTIMATE VSCO Dog Award goes to none other than #DougthePug!! Sksksksk!


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