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Top Dog Food Myths DeBunked!

There are many myths about there about dog food and many people do follow those myths without a second thought because they are so widely known as "the truth." We're here to tell you about some of these myths and the real truth behind them!

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1. Myth: High-Protein Diets Can Cause Kidney Failure

Truth: So this first myth stems off from a small sliver of truth. That truth being that high-protein diets are ill advised for dogs already in kidney failure. It's been historically proven that there is little to no support that a high-protein diet can lead to kidney disease in a healthy dog. This can be proven by looking at humans with high-protein diets and the fact that it doesn't causes kidney disease in us.

2. Myth: Grain is Bad for Dogs

Truth: While it's true that some dogs ARE allergic to grain, that doesn't mean grain is bad for all dogs. In fact, grain often contains more nutrients than grain-free diets may have. A 2002 study in the Journal of Nutrition actually shows that corn is beneficial to a dog's diet

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3. Myth: Raw Feeding Creates Blood Lust

Truth: If this were true, humans that eat meat would be ravaging cavemen trying to eat each other. But we aren't zombies and neither are dogs. Just because you give a dog raw meat doesn't meat they'll turn into a ravaging monster. Most dogs actually thrive from a raw diet and are able to process raw meat unlike us.

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4. Myth: Dogs Don't Like Variety

Truth: How would you feel eating the exact same thing every day for your whole life? If dogs don't like variety, why do they beg from us and go nuts when they eat off our plate. Try adding in different toppings or mix in's to their kibble or if they eat raw, change up the contents of their meals. True, some dogs DON'T like variety and are extremely picky, but for the most part, they do enjoy a change.

5. Myth: Lamb is Hypoallergenic

Truth: One meat is not going to be more hypoallergenic than another! While lamb is often used in sensitive food diets, it's not actually hypoallergenic! Especially considering there are dogs who are allergic to lamb. But lamb does cause less allergies to dogs than in beef or pork, studies show.

6. Myth: Dog's Can't Eat Raw Eggs

Truth: In fact, eggs can be extremely beneficial to dogs. It's often added to raw diets or as a topper to kibble or wet food. Yes, there are some negative effects, but those dangers have been extremely exaggerated. It can only be an issue for dogs with a compromised immune system.

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That's all for today, folks! We hope you got some worthy information out of this! Feel free to share today's post and inform others on our dog food myths!

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