• Cierra Voelkl

Things Only Rescue Parents Know to Be True

There's noting quite like the feeling of walking your new dog out of the shelter and bringing them home. Those longing eyes as they stare into your soul, wondering where you're taking them, after possibly years of disappointment. But no matter their past, there are a few things parents of rescue dogs know to be tried and true.

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1. Their breed is a completely mystery to you

...the best you can do is "terrier mix" or "bully mix". Every once in a while, you might get lucky and walk out with a pure-bred.

2. Their love is unconditional

They love unlike anything in the world.

3. They have opened you up to a whole new world

Whether that's meeting new people at dog parks or volunteering with the organization you found them through, the possibilities are endless.

4. Bad habits can definitely be hard to break

Some dogs might come from never being potty trained or crate trained. Those bad habits might take some work and training but in the end, the torn up shoes are always worth it.

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5. You've rolled your eyes so many times at people who judge rescue dogs

Yes, we don't always know their history but that is what makes them a mystery and just that much cooler.

6. It was the best $150 ever spent

Only $150 for a dog that's neutered with shots and microchip?? How much better can it get!

7. You spoil them to infinity

Because of their possible past, you want to give them everything in the world and more. $200 dog bed?? SOLD! Birthday party with all their friends and an awesome cake?? ABSOLUTELY!

Photo Credit: Metro Paws®

8. Leaving them with someone new is nerve-wracking

Getting a dog sitter or dog walker for the first time can leave you so anxious since you don't know how it's going to turn out. Need someone you can trust? Book a walker or sitter in Los Angeles with Metro Paws Dog Walking

9. If you don't have a "rescue mom" or "rescue dad" magnet on your car, who are you even?

It's essential to let everyone know that you saved your best friend!

10. They have weird quirks and it makes you love them even more

So they might not like people in hats or are scared of plastic bags. You just hug them and make sure they know how much you want to protect them.

Whatever it is you do special for your pup, the best part is knowing that they have a much better life with you now and you should always remember that you saved a life.

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