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Take the Steps to Prevent Lost Pets

1 in 3 pets get lost at some point during their life and it's nothing but a guessing game if they will eventually end up back home in their owner's arms, stuck in a shelter never to be found or or worse. Only 20% of dogs and 2% of cats are reunited according to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy. The 3rd Week in April is National Pet ID Week so we want to focus on the preventative steps you can take to ensure that if your pet finds itself lost, they will find their way back home.

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The first step to ensure identification is a microchip. So what's a microchip? It's a small device about the size of a grain of rice that's injected between your pet's shoulder blades. The chip has an ID number attached and phone number of the registry so when scanned, the phone number can be called, ID number looked up and owner's information obtained including name, email, phone number and address. The key is to keep this information updated as owner's often move or change numbers without updating the microchip information so it becomes useless. While some registries require a one time or yearly membership or sign up fee, Found Animals provides a FREE national registry to ensure everyone can register their pets.

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You should also keep a tag on your pet's collar that includes your phone number and address as it makes it quicker and simpler to identify the owner without going to the vet to scan for a chip. But a chip is still imperative as collars and tags can easily fall of OR even be removed by those with ill intent.

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Lastly, it's always best to actually prevent pets from being lost in the first place. While sometimes it's impossible such as your home being broken into or even a car accident with your pet in the car causing them to take off, there are many ways to ensure they aren't going anywhere. Keep up with checking for holes in your fence or under that can allow them to slip out. Move trashcans or large objects away from fences that would normally allow a pet to jump up and over the fence. Coyote rollers can also be installed for jumpers and cats to keep them in the yard at all times. It's also imperative that everyone in the household knows to keep doors shut at all times and not allow for escapees. These are easy, simple steps to ensure your babies don't go on an adventure through the neighborhood without you.

So remember: microchip, identification tag and take preventative measures! Our fur babies miss us as much as we miss them when they are gone.

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