• Cierra Voelkl

National Cat Lovers Month...What's Up With That?

You all know we love our dogs over here, but did you know we have a hankering for cats, too? That's right! We love our kitties and this month, we want to celebrate our love for them!

Photo Credit: Metro Paws®

1. They Can Sleep Anywhere

This means you don't even need a bed for them because every surface in your home becomes a bed

Photo Credit: Gypsy the Junkyard Cat

2. They Are Super Flexible

Maybe they can teach you some gymnastics?

Photo Credit: The Spruce Pets

3. They Have Excellent Biscuit Making Skills

Having people over last minute for tea and biscuits? Leave it up to Mr. Whiskers to make the best biscuits

Video Credit: Gypsy the Junkyard Cat

4. They Are Super Sneaky

This means they can make super spies when it comes to hunting rodents and any bugs that sneak into your home

Photo Credit: The Spruce Pets

5. They Are Ridiculously Cheap

So it's all really dependent on how much you spoil them but on average, a cat is actually a lot cheaper to own that owning a dog! If you're lucky, they'll like couponing, too.

Photo Credit: Frugal Teacher

6. They Are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

Cats can be left alone for longer periods of time without worrying about potty breaks (hello, litter box) and anxiety!

Photo Credit: iheartcats

7. They Are Uber Clean

No need for weekly baths...cats are self groomers! While some cats might need some grooming every once in a while, such as older cats who can't bathe themselves as well, overall, cats are pretty good self groomers and really just need a brush down everyone in a while!

Photo Credit: Unknown

8. Their Eyes Can Read Your Soul

And because of this, you might just give them everything they own including your soul.

Photo Credit: Unknown

9. They Are Comedians Without Even Trying

Cats are overall pretty goofy and we really don't need to explain any further than that. We all watch funny cat videos on Youtube, right?

Photo Credit: BGR

10. They Are As Quiet As a Mouse

But don't tell them that because we don't want them to think we're comparing them to their enemies. But really...they barely make a peep except maybe when you're late with breakfast.

Photo Credit: Warren Photographic

Now don't get us wrong, we may still be impartial to our love of dogs but we do love our kitties! #WOOF #MEOW!

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