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Dog Training Hacks: Get Them Right

One thing that (almost) all dog owners go through, is training their dogs. Whether this is basic obedience such as sit, stay, down, or more advanced training, it can sometimes reign difficult if you have a stubborn dog who just stares at you with that "huh?" look on their face. Well we decided to put together some hacks to help make dog training easier for National Dog Training Month!

1. Make it fun!

Really, how often do you do something that you find boring when you really have no reason to do it? If dogs are acting stubborn and not necessarily going nuts over the treats, make it fun for them! Incorporate some interactive games or our favorite...DIY agility course!

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2. Have a tiered treat system

So basically, use different treats for different values. This means that high value treats such as a piece of hot dog can be used for rewarding new tricks that they accomplish. Low value is something like their every day kibble when they do a same ol same ol trick like sitting. Think of it this way, your parents would probably reward you with a nice dinner for getting straight A's but you might get a pat on the back for getting an A on last night's homework assignment.

3. Postive over negative

Too often, people are quick to resort to negative reinforcement when their dog fails to do their command. But it's shown that positive reinforcement is a lot more effective.

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4. Keep 'em short and sweet

Dogs don't necessarily have the longest attention spans. Trying to drag on a training session for hours will just make them bored and unruly. Instead, break it up into 15 minute sessions throughout the day!

5. Enforce the positivity

Using negative reinforcement to get a dog to do what you want simply doesn't work. And if it does, you're putting so much fear into them. Dog training experts have proven that using positive reinforcement when a dog does something correctly is the most effective method.

6. Ignore the negative

If you dog is doing something they aren't supposed to like jumping on you when you walk in the door, it's better to just ignore them until they calm down. Then eventually reward them for claiming down.

7. Train on an empty stomach

Would you be motivated by food if you just ate a hearty meal? Your dog isn't either. Those treats you're giving them are a whole of a lot more valuable when they haven't had dinner yet. A hungry dog is a motivated dog! But also remember to add those into his calorie count for the day!

Photo Credit: Christian Vieler

8. Stay consistent

It can be confusing if you start switching up commands on them! If you start with the word "sit" keep using that! Keep the same rules and commands each time for the most effective training in the end!

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Well that's what we have for now! Looking for an extra special reward for your pooch? Consider Metro Balls®! They're addictive, durable and non-toxic! Happy training!

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