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Check Out the Beneficial Reasons for Crate Training

Now, more than ever, people are using creates for their dogs when leaving them alone. Whether it be for anxiety or just for their own safety, its can be extremely beneficial. Sure, some dogs might NEVER stand for a crate, especially if the training started later in life. But it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. The benefits to teaching your dog be comfortable in a crate and go in willingly are endless and the benefits aren't just for your dog, but for YOU too! And it's not enough to just train them for this but it's also just as important to make sure you have the proper crate and sizing for your furry friend.

Overall, a crate should be a "safe zone" for your pup so they can hide out there when guests are over, during a thunderstorm or just in general when they are left home alone. Or maybe your dog just destroys the home when you leave....CRATE! We can't stress enough. The space that they call their own should be comfortable and "happy". Give them their favorite bed or blanket along with a peanut butter stuffed kong to keep them busy.

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Especially with puppies, a crate can be an extremely effective tool with potty training since more often than not, they prefer to not defecate in their sleeping space. This will eventually teach them to hold their pee and only relief themselves outdoors. On top of that, you aren't going to be cleaning up pee and poo as often! Yay! Overtime, they might be able to be left out of a crate once they are potty trained if they aren't one to need to be in a crate whenever left alone or at night.

When it comes to you, the owner, having a dog who is crate trained brings peace of mind knowing that your dog can chill peacefully in their little condo while you're out running errands. This can also allow you to crate your dog on a long road trips for safety without them freaking out the whole time.

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But when it comes to a crate, it's imperative to ensure they have the correct size and also the right type that they can't break out of if they're "that" kind of dog. When it comes to the size, it needs to be large enough so they can stand up and turn around comfortable BUT it shouldn't be too large as that then defeats the point of the crate. When you have a puppy, you can purchase a crate that will suffice their needs as an adult but you are able to insert dividers to decrease the size and then later increase as they grow. While many crates suggest certain sizes or certain weights, remember that two dogs of the same weight can be two completely different sizes so base it off of that.

The crate itself doesn't have to be an eyesore in your house if you don't want it to! There are plenty of options that acutally allow you to fancy it up and have it fit into your household. Whether it's turning it into your end table or making it it's own piece of furniture, the possibilities are all up to you.

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Check out Crate Training 101 from the Humane Society on how to get started!

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