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5 Activities With Dogs During a Heat Wave

Nationwide, there has been a warning of a heat wave with temperatures hitting tripled digits in a lot of cities. Not only do we feel gross and unable to accomplish much but this also means less opportunities to get your dogs out on their regular walks and trips to the park. They overheat even faster than we do in most cases and it's up to us to watch out for them. For some dogs, being stuck inside for long periods of time can create anxiety and cause them release pent up energy in destructive ways.

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Try to keep potty walks to the early morning and after 5pm once the weather cools down just a tad but it won't drop below 75º in most areas even at midnight. So what to do the rest of the time to make up for lost walks? We put together some activities to do during the inevitable heat wave.

1. Hit the water. Take a splash in your own pool or if you live near one, take a visit to the local beach or lake for some swim time to keep everyone cool. Remember that since dogs are not natural swimmers, use a flotation device or life jacket for dogs that are not confident swimmers

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2. No pool or lake? A kiddie pool is a great way to keep pups cool! This is also an alternative for dogs who can't swim or are not confident swimmers. Want to take it a step further? Fill it with ice for those ice loving pups like huskies!

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3. Indoor malls that are dog friendly are an easy way to get in miles for both you and your dog. They often crank up the AC in the summer months making it a go-to destination for everyone. Be sure to double check that your mall is dog friendly and that they take a potty break outside first!

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4. Try your hand in the kitchen with doggie ice cream or pupsicles! Recipes are fairly simple and sure to keep your furry BFF nice and cool in this summer heat. Here are some pawtastic recipes from The Dogtinton Post!

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5. To help dogs keep from going stir crazy from being stuck indoors with nothing to do, try an interactive game or treat dispenser to keep their mind busy and occupied. There are numerous options for the type of product and for the difficulty level. Check out this snuffle mat from Green House or this puzzle treat dispenser from Outward Hound.

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