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4 Tips on Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Photo Credit: @misha_collins_the_dog

As a dog owner, we strive to give our dog's the best (or so we hope that you do) and that includes ensuring that they are healthy AND happy. But not everyone is aware of how exactly to keep their dogs healthy. Here are 4 easy tips to keep them healthy, striving and living their best life!

1. Don't share your food.

We know, those big puppy dog eyes and whimpers can sometimes be IRRESISTABLE! But human food is NOT dog food. Even if you feed raw, there are many human foods that dogs cannot eat due to them being either toxic in some way or dogs are unable to digest them properly. Check out this infographic from Lili Chin (http://doggiedrawings.net) & The Labs Co. on what foods are dangerous to dogs:

Photo Credit: Lili Chin (http://doggiedrawings.net) & The Labs Co.

2. Have regular vet checkups.

Just like how people go to the doctor for a simple physical to ensure we are healthy, your dog should be going for yearly visits so they can get looked over. Just because we can't see that anyth8ing is wrong, doesn't mean that they are fine. Vets can find underlying diseases and health issues that we don't see with the naked eye. Preventing a health issue is key!

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3. Know how to read pet food labels

Just picking a food-based off the protein listed on the front isn't exactly best. Many lower-cost foods are filled with things like cornmeal and other non-nutrient based foods. Check out this chart on how to reach a dog food label so you can always make knowledgeable decisions in the future!

Photo Credit: Pets Weekly

4. Exercise regularly

This doesn't have to mean running 10 miles a day with your dog but make sure to get them up and moving. Dogs, just like humans, gain weight if they remain inactive but continue taking in calories. A brisk, 30-minute walk is enough for some dogs. Other activities could include playing fetch, practicing agility or letting them run up and down a beach.


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