10 Pawfect Halloween Dog Treats
  • Cierra Voelkl

10 Pawfect Halloween Dog Treats

Or should we say HOWL-o-ween? Anyways, the upcoming holiday is the purrrfect time to try out some ghoulish treats for your furry friends. Just click on the recipe name to learn more!

1. Pumpkin Oat Dog Biscuits

Photo Credit: The Midnight Baker

We talked about the benefits of pumpkin in our previous post so here's a simple recipe incorporating it!

2. Apple Crunch Pupcakes

Photo Credit: Lola the Pitty

You're going to want to divulge into these yourself when you see how yummy they look coming out of the oven! AND you can! They are 100% human edible!

3. Last Minute Halloween Treats

Photo Credit: Pretty Fluffy

These treats are quick, easy and sure to put your dog in the fall spirit! And most of the ingredients should already be in your fridge and pantry!

4. Mummy Bones Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Photo Credit: The Cottage Market

It's not a full Halloween treat until you throw in a mummy! Check out these easy and spooky treats that are guaranteed to put your pup in the Halloween spirit!

5. Skull and Crossbones Halloween Frozen Dog Treats

Photo Credit: Beagles and Bargains

You don't have to be orange to be Halloween. Purple and green are just as spooky and the perfect colors to switch it up! These frozen yet creepy treats are both spooky and healthy with multiple health benefits including aiding in low blood pressure and cardiovascular health. And even better? Its only 3 ingredients!

6. Candy Corn Dog Treats

Photo Credit: 12 Tomatoes

We're a sucker for some good candy corn during this season so why shouldn't our dogs get in on the action? These pup friendly candy corn treats are made up of only yogurt, pumpkin and banana so they're healthy and delicious!

7. Pumpkin Spice Puppachinos

Photo Credit: Lola the Pitty

Sorry, these are for DOGS, although you could indulge in them yourself if you'd like. These are perfect for the Pumpkin Spice Latte lovers out there who want their dog to enjoy their favorite treat with them!

8. Skeleton Bone Dog Treats

Photo Credit: Irresistible Pets

These are both the perfect dog treat and can even double as a Halloween decoration with their eerie realism. If you're really in the mood, let your dog chew on it in front of the neighbors and check out their reaction!

9. Pumpkin FroYo Bites

Photo Credit: Irresistible Pets

These adorable pumpkin shaped treats are simple, cheap to make and perfect to cool down with if you live somewhere like here in California where October feels like July half the time.

10. Pumpkin Cheesecake Dog Treat

Photo Credit: Irresistible Pets

These are perfect if you want to try and get a little fancier with your dog treats. It does only need 4 ingredients, one of which is actually baby food! They are also chihuahua tested and approved!

We can't wait to try out some of these for ourselves! If you try some and your pup loves them, let us know!

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